glPrioritizeTextures.3G man page

glPrioritizeTextures — set texture residence priority

C Specification

void glPrioritizeTextures(GLsizei n, const GLuint * textures, const GLclampf * priorities);



Specifies the number of textures to be prioritized.


Specifies an array containing the names of the textures to be prioritized.


Specifies an array containing the texture priorities. A priority given in an element of priorities applies to the texture named by the corresponding element of textures.


glPrioritizeTextures assigns the n texture priorities given in priorities to the n textures named in textures.

The GL establishes a “working set” of textures that are resident in texture memory. These textures may be bound to a texture target much more efficiently than textures that are not resident. By specifying a priority for each texture, glPrioritizeTextures allows applications to guide the GL implementation in determining which textures should be resident.

The priorities given in priorities are clamped to the range 0 1 before they are assigned. 0 indicates the lowest priority; textures with priority 0 are least likely to be resident. 1 indicates the highest priority; textures with priority 1 are most likely to be resident. However, textures are not guaranteed to be resident until they are used.

glPrioritizeTextures silently ignores attempts to prioritize texture 0 or any texture name that does not correspond to an existing texture.

glPrioritizeTextures does not require that any of the textures named by textures be bound to a texture target. glTexParameter() may also be used to set a texture's priority, but only if the texture is currently bound. This is the only way to set the priority of a default texture.


glPrioritizeTextures is available only if the GL version is 1.1 or greater.


GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if n is negative.

GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glPrioritizeTextures is executed between the execution of glBegin() and the corresponding execution of glEnd().

Associated Gets

glGetTexParameter() with parameter name GL_TEXTURE_PRIORITY retrieves the priority of a currently bound texture.

See Also

glAreTexturesResident(), glBindTexture(), glCopyTexImage1D(), glCopyTexImage2D(), glTexImage1D(), glTexImage2D(), glTexImage3D(), glTexParameter()



07/26/2017 OpenGL Manual