glPopDebugGroup.3G - Man Page

pop the active debug group

C Specification

void glPopDebugGroup(void);


glPopDebugGroup pops the active debug group. After popping a debug group, the GL will also generate a debug output message describing its cause based on the message string, the source source, and an ID id submitted to the corresponding glPushDebugGroup() command. GL_DEBUG_TYPE_PUSH_GROUP and GL_DEBUG_TYPE_POP_GROUP share a single namespace for message id. severity has the value GL_DEBUG_SEVERITY_NOTIFICATION. The type has the value GL_DEBUG_TYPE_POP_GROUP. Popping a debug group restores the debug output volume control of the parent debug group.


GL_STACK_UNDERFLOW is generated if an attempt is made to pop the default debug group from the stack.

Associated Gets

glGet() with argument GL_MAX_DEBUG_MESSAGE_LENGTH.

Version Support

OpenGL Version
Function / Feature Name2.

See Also

glPushDebugGroup(), glObjectLabel(), glObjectPtrLabel().

Referenced By

glGetObjectLabel.3G(3), glGetObjectPtrLabel.3G(3), glGetProgramInterface.3G(3), glObjectLabel.3G(3), glObjectPtrLabel.3G(3), glPushDebugGroup.3G(3).