glGetVertexArrayiv.3G - Man Page

retrieve parameters of a vertex array object

C Specification

void glGetVertexArrayiv(GLuint vaobj, GLenum pname, GLint *param);



specifies the name of the vertex array object to use for the query.


Name of the property to use for the query. Must be GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING.


Returns the requested value.


This function provides a mean of querying properties of an existing vertex array object. The vertex array object does not have to be bound to the rendering context at the time of the call, but must have been bound at least once prior to this call.

glGetVertexArrayiv can be used to retrieve ID of a buffer object that will be bound to the GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER binding point whenever the queried vertex array object is bound to the rendering context. The binding can be changed for an active vertex array object with a glBindBuffer call.


GL_INVALID_OPERATION error is generated if vaobj is not the name of an existing vertex array object.

GL_INVALID_ENUM error is generated if pname is not GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER_BINDING.

Version Support

OpenGL Version
Function / Feature Name2.

See Also

glBindBuffer(), glBindVertexArray(), glGet()

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