glGetGraphicsResetStatus.3G - Man Page

check if the rendering context has not been lost due to software or hardware issues

C Specification

GLenum glGetGraphicsResetStatus(void);


Certain events can result in a reset of the GL context. Such a reset causes all context state to be lost and requires the application to recreate all objects in the affected context.

glGetGraphicsResetStatus can return one of the following constants:


Indicates that the GL context has not been in a reset state since the last call.


Indicates that a reset has been detected that is attributable to the current GL context.


Indicates a reset has been detected that is not attributable to the current GL context.


Indicates a detected graphics reset whose cause is unknown.

If a reset status other than GL_NO_ERROR is returned and subsequent calls return GL_NO_ERROR, the context reset was encountered and completed. If a reset status is repeatedly returned, the context may be in the process of resetting.

Reset notification behavior is determined at context creation time, and may be queried by calling GetIntegerv with the symbolic constant GL_RESET_NOTIFICATION_STRATEGY.

If the reset notification behavior is GL_NO_RESET_NOTIFICATION, then the implementation will never deliver notification of reset events, and glGetGraphicsResetStatus will always return GL_NO_ERROR.

If the behavior is GL_LOSE_CONTEXT_ON_RESET, a graphics reset will result in the loss of all context state, requiring the recreation of all associated objects. In this case glGetGraphicsResetStatus may return any of the values described above.

If a graphics reset notification occurs in a context, a notification must also occur in all other contexts which share objects with that context.

After a graphics reset has occurred on a context, subsequent GL commands on that context (or any context which shares with that context) will generate a GL_CONTEXT_LOST error. Such commands will not have side effects (in particular, they will not modify memory passed by pointer for query results), and will not block indefinitely or cause termination of the application. There are two important exceptions to this behavior:

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