getdns_validate_dnssec - Man Page

DNSSEC validate a given getdns record


DNS Resolver library (libgetdns, -lgetdns)


#include <getdns.h>

getdns_validate_dnssec (getdns_list *record_to_validate,

getdns_list *bundle_of_support_records,
getdns_list *trust_anchor_records)


If an application wants the API to perform DNSSEC validation without using the extensions, it can use the getdns_validate_dnssec() helper function. The API will use the resource records in bundle_of_support_records to construct the validation chain and the DNSKEY or DS records in trust_anchor_records as trust anchors. The default list of trust anchor records that is used by the library to validate DNSSEC can be retrieved by using the getdns_root_trust_anchor helper function.

record_to_validate the resource record being validated

bundle_of_support_records records used to construct the validation chain

trust_anchor_records trust anchor records to use for the validation

Return Values

GETDNS_DNSSEC_BOGUS the DNSSEC signature is bogus

GETDNS_DNSSEC_INDETERMINATE validation could not be completed

GETDNS_DNSSEC_INSECURE one or more pieces of the validation chain are demonstrably incorrect

GETDNS_DNSSEC_SECURE validation succeeded

GETDNS_RETURN_MEMORY_ERROR an attempt to allocate memory failed



See Also

getdns_root_trust_anchor(3) libgetdns(3)

Referenced By

getdns_root_trust_anchor(3), libgetdns(3).

December 2015 getdns 1.7.3