geomutil.3gv man page

geomutil - various geometry utilities (introduction)


The geomutil library contains a collection of miscellaneous geometric utility functions:

AnyToPL()   - convert any geom to a polylist
PLCombine() - combine two polylists into one
PLConsol()  - consolidate vertices in a polylist
Bdy()       - generate the boundary (edge) of a geom

Each function has its own manual page which gives usage details.

To link your program with the geomutil library you should specify -lgeomutil followed by the usual list of OOGL libraries, as in

cc -L${LIBDIR} prog.c -lgeomutil \
  -lstubdraw -lgeom -lvect -lpolylist -lquad \
  -lmesh -lbezier -linst -ltlist -llist -lstub \
  -lgeom -loogl -lbbox -lshade -lcolor -l3d -lm

See Also

anytopl(3), plcombine(3), plconsol(3), bdy(3), anytooff(1),
offcombine(1), offconsol(1), bdy(1), geomview(1)


Celeste Fowler
The Geometry Center


July 10, 1992 Geometry Center