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gearman_job_send_complete - Man Page

Gearmand Documentation, http://gearman.info/


#include <libgearman/gearman.h>

type gearman_job_st

void gearman_job_free(gearman_job_st *job)

gearman_return_t gearman_job_send_data(gearman_job_st *job, const void *data, size_t data_size)

gearman_return_t gearman_job_send_warning(gearman_job_st *job, const void *warning, size_t warning_size)

gearman_return_t gearman_job_send_status(gearman_job_st *job, uint32_t numerator, uint32_t denominator)

gearman_return_t gearman_job_send_complete(gearman_job_st *job, const void *result, size_t result_size)

gearman_return_t gearman_job_send_exception(gearman_job_st *job, const void *exception, size_t exception_size)

gearman_return_t gearman_job_send_fail(gearman_job_st *job)

const char *gearman_job_handle(const gearman_job_st *job)

const char *gearman_job_function_name(const gearman_job_st *job)

const char *gearman_job_unique(const gearman_job_st *job)

const void *gearman_job_workload(const gearman_job_st *job)

size_t gearman_job_workload_size(const gearman_job_st *job)

void *gearman_job_take_workload(gearman_job_st *job, size_t *data_size)

gearman_client_st *gearman_job_use_client(gearman_job_st *job)

Link with -lgearman


gearman_job_st are passed to worker functions to represent jobs that are being run by gearman_worker_work().

gearman_job_free() is used to free a job. This only needs to be done if a task was created with a preallocated structure.

gearman_job_handle() returns the job handle(see gearman_job_handle_t for more information).

gearman_job_function_name() return the name of the function that the job was set to execute against.

gearman_job_unique() return the unique value that was used for gearman_job_st.

gearman_job_take_workload returns the gearman_job_st workload. The size of it can be determined with gearman_job_workload_size(). gearman_job_take_workload() is the same as gearman_job_workload() with the exception that the result must be free(3) by the caller.

gearman_job_use_client returns a gearman_client_st configured from gearman_job_st. The gearman_client_st can be used to communicate client API commands to the server. You do not, and should not, call gearman_client_free() on the gearman_client_st. It is cleaned up when job is cleaned up.

Return Value

A value of gearman_return_t  is returned.  On success that value will be :c:type::GEARMAN_SUCCESS.  Use gearman_strerror() to translate this value to a printable string.


To find out more information please check: http://gearman.info/

See Also

gearmand(8) libgearman(3)


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Nov 06, 2023 1.1.21 Gearmand