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#include <libgearman/gearman.h>

gearman_return_t gearman_client_add_server(gearman_client_st *client, const char *host, in_port_t port)

gearman_return_t gearman_client_add_servers(gearman_client_st *client, const char *servers)

void gearman_client_remove_servers(gearman_client_st *client)


gearman_client_add_server() will add an additional gearmand server to the list of servers that the client will take work from.

gearman_client_remove_servers() will remove all servers from the gearman_client_st.

gearman_client_add_servers() takes a list of gearmand servers that will be parsed to provide servers for the client. The format for this is SERVER[:PORT][,SERVER[:PORT]]...

Examples of this are::,, localhost234,,

Return Value

gearman_client_add_server() and gearman_client_remove_servers() return gearman_return_t.


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See also
gearmand(8) libgearman(3) gearman_client_st


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