ftdi_version_info - Man Page


#include <ftdi.h>

Public Attributes

int major
int minor
int micro
const char * version_str
const char * snapshot_str

Detailed Description

Provide libftdi version information major: Library major version minor: Library minor version micro: Currently unused, ight get used for hotfixes. version_str: Version as (static) string snapshot_str: Git snapshot version if known. Otherwise 'unknown' or empty string.

Definition at line 455 of file ftdi.h.

Member Data Documentation

int ftdi_version_info::major

Definition at line 457 of file ftdi.h.

int ftdi_version_info::minor

Definition at line 458 of file ftdi.h.

int ftdi_version_info::micro

Definition at line 459 of file ftdi.h.

const char* ftdi_version_info::version_str

Definition at line 460 of file ftdi.h.

const char* ftdi_version_info::snapshot_str

Definition at line 461 of file ftdi.h.


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