fsaparse.3gv - Man Page

parse a word-acceptor automaton file


#include "wa.h"

fsafparse(fp, fsa)
  FILE *fp;
  Fsa *fsa;


fsafparse parses a word-acceptor automaton file in the format described by DEAGL ("Data Exchange for Automata and Groups Language") (but see the Bugs section below).  fp should be a pointer to an open file containing the automaton.  fsa should be a pointer to an Fsa struture as defined in "fsa.h".  Upon return, the automaton will have been written into this structure.

Return Values

On success, fsafparse() returns 1.  On failure, it returns 0.

See Also

getwordlist(3), getmatlist(3), fgetmatlist(3),
getmatlist(1), automata(1)


fsafparse is meant specifically for use with getwordlist(3) and getmatlist(3).  It does not recognize the full language described by DEAGL.  It only recognizes that part of it which was present in the word-acceptor files that I was working with when I wrote it.  I think this may be sufficient for all word-acceptor automata, but I am not sure of this.  Please let me know if you find word-acceptor files for which this doesn't work.


Mark Phillips
The Geometry Center


Sat Mar 23 22:01:32 1991