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font — A simple 8x8 fixed size font. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h>

extern FONT *font;


A simple 8x8 fixed size font (the mode 13h BIOS default). If you want to  alter the font used by the GUI routines, change this to point to one of  your own fonts. This font contains the standard ASCII (U+20 to U+7F),  Latin-1 (U+A1 to U+FF), and Latin Extended-A (U+0100 to U+017F) character  ranges.

See Also

textout_ex(3), textprintf_ex(3)

Referenced By

allegro_404_char(3), ex12bit(3), ex3buf(3), ex3d(3), exaccel(3), exalpha(3), exblend(3), excamera(3), excolmap(3), exconfig(3), excustom(3), exdata(3), exdbuf(3), exexedat(3), exflame(3), exflip(3), exfont(3), exhello(3), exjoy(3), exkeys(3), exmidi(3), exmouse(3), expackf(3), expat(3), exquat(3), exrgbhsv(3), exrotscl(3), exsample(3), exscn3d(3), exshade(3), exspline(3), exsprite(3), exstars(3), exstream(3), exswitch(3), exsyscur(3), extimer(3), extrans2(3), extruec(3), exunicod(3), exupdate(3), exzbuf(3), FONT(3), textout_ex(3), textprintf_ex(3).

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