fido_bio_dev_get_info - Man Page

FIDO2 biometric authenticator API


#include <fido.h>
#include <fido/bio.h>

fido_bio_dev_get_info(fido_dev_t *dev, fido_bio_info_t *info);

fido_bio_dev_enroll_begin(fido_dev_t *dev, fido_bio_template_t *template, fido_bio_enroll_t *enroll, uint32_t timeout_ms, const char *pin);

fido_bio_dev_enroll_continue(fido_dev_t *dev, const fido_bio_template_t *template, fido_bio_enroll_t *enroll, uint32_t timeout_ms);

fido_bio_dev_enroll_cancel(fido_dev_t *dev);

fido_bio_dev_enroll_remove(fido_dev_t *dev, const fido_bio_template_t *template, const char *pin);

fido_bio_dev_get_template_array(fido_dev_t *dev, fido_bio_template_array_t *template_array, const char *pin);

fido_bio_dev_set_template_name(fido_dev_t *dev, const fido_bio_template_t *template, const char *pin);


The functions described in this page allow biometric templates on a FIDO2 authenticator to be listed, created, removed, and customised. Please note that not all FIDO2 authenticators support biometric enrollment. For a description of the types involved, please refer to fido_bio_info_new(3), fido_bio_enroll_new(3), and fido_bio_template(3).

The fido_bio_dev_get_info() function populates info with sensor information from dev.

The fido_bio_dev_enroll_begin() function initiates a biometric enrollment on dev, instructing the authenticator to wait timeout_ms milliseconds. On success, template and enroll will be populated with the newly created template's information and enrollment status, respectively.

The fido_bio_dev_enroll_continue() function continues an ongoing enrollment on dev, instructing the authenticator to wait timeout_ms milliseconds. On success, enroll will be updated to reflect the status of the biometric enrollment.

The fido_bio_dev_enroll_cancel() function cancels an ongoing enrollment on dev.

The fido_bio_dev_enroll_remove() function removes template from dev.

The fido_bio_dev_get_template_array() function populates template_array with the templates currently enrolled on dev.

The fido_bio_dev_set_template_name() function sets the friendly name of template on dev.

Return Values

The error codes returned by fido_bio_dev_get_info(), fido_bio_dev_enroll_begin(), fido_bio_dev_enroll_continue(), fido_bio_dev_enroll_cancel(), fido_bio_dev_enroll_remove(), fido_bio_dev_get_template_array(), and fido_bio_dev_set_template_name() are defined in <fido/err.h>. On success, FIDO_OK is returned.

See Also

fido_bio_enroll_new(3), fido_bio_info_new(3), fido_bio_template(3)

Referenced By

fido_bio_enroll_new(3), fido_bio_info_new(3), fido_bio_template(3).

The man pages fido_bio_dev_enroll_begin(3), fido_bio_dev_enroll_cancel(3), fido_bio_dev_enroll_continue(3), fido_bio_dev_enroll_remove(3), fido_bio_dev_get_template_array(3) and fido_bio_dev_set_template_name(3) are aliases of fido_bio_dev_get_info(3).

September 13, 2019