fcft_set_emoji_presentation - Man Page

configures the default emoji presentation


#include <fcft/fcft.h>

bool fcft_set_emoji_presentation(struct fcft_font *font,

enum fcft_emoji_presentation presentation);


fcft_set_emoji_presentation() configures the default presentation style to use with emojis with both a text presentation, and an emoji presentation style.

These emojis can be followed by an (invisible) variation selector. When they are not followed by a selector, the implementation must choose a style.

One example of such an emoji is U+263A - WHITE SMILING FACE:

  • unqualified: ☺
  • text: ☺︎
  • emoji: ☺️

The Unicode standard defines the default presentation styles, and this is what fcft defaults to.

However, in some cases, the application may want to always use either the text style, or the emoji style.

This is what fcft_set_emoji_presentation() is for. Possible values for presentation are:


To re-iterate; this setting affects emoji's without an explicit variation selector. In other words, it overrides the default presentation style.

FCFT_EMOJI_PRESENTATION_DEFAULT is the default, and causes fcft to use the default presentation as defined by Unicode.

FCFT_EMOJI_PRESENTATION_TEXT forces all multi-presentation style emojis to be rendered in their text presentation style.

FCFT_EMOJI_PRESENTATION_EMOJI forces all multi-presentation style emojis to be rendered in their emoji presentation style.

This function does not clear the glyph caches and should therefore be called before rasterizing any glyphs.

See Also

fcft_rasterize_char_utf32(), fcft_rasterize_grapheme_utf32(), fcft_rasterize_text_run_utf32()


2024-01-24 3.1.7 fcft