fcft_precompose - Man Page

pre-compose two wide characters into one


#include <fcft/fcft.h>

bool fcft_precompose(

const struct fcft_font *font, uint32_t base, uint32_t comb, bool *base_is_from_primary, bool *comb_is_from_primary, bool *composed_is_from_primary);


fcft_precompose() composes the base and comb wide characters into a single wide character. For example, L'a' + L'\u0301' can be combined to L'á'.

If *_is_from_primary are non-NULL, they will be true if the corresponding wide character exists in the primary font. If false, it does not exist in the primary font and fcft_codepoint_rasterize() will pick the glyph from one of the fallback fonts.

Return Value

On success, fcft_precompose() returns a composed wide character. On error, (uint32_t)-1 is returned.

See Also

fcft_codepoint_rasterize(), fcft_kerning()


2024-01-24 3.1.7 fcft