fcft_kerning - Man Page

calculate kerning distance between two wide characters


#include <fcft/fcft.h>

bool fcft_kerning(

struct fcft_font *font, uint32_t left, uint32_t right, long *restrict x, long *restrict y);


fcft_kerning() calculates the kerning distances x (horizontal) and y (vertical) between the two wide characters left and right, in pixels.

Both characters must exist in the primary font.

fcft_kerning() is just a convenience function around FT_Get_Kerning() and as such, it only supports legacy kern tables. In particular, OpenType fonts' GPOS tables are not supported. fcft is not a text shaping library.

Return Value

On success, fcft_kerning() returns true, and x and y are updated with the kerning distance, in pixels.

On error, false is returned. This may happen for several reasons:


See fcft_from_name()

Referenced By

fcft_from_name(3), fcft_precompose(3), fcft_rasterize_char_utf32(3).

2024-02-26 3.1.8 fcft