fcft_destroy - Man Page

free fcft_font objects


#include <fcft/fcft.h>

void fcft_destroy(struct fcft_font *font);


fcft_destroy() frees the fcft_font object font, which must have been created with fcft_from_name(), fcft_clone(), or fcft_size_adjust().

After calling fcft_destroy(), font can no longer be used, and all references to fcft_glyph objects (retrieved with fcft_glyph_rasterize()) are now invalid.

font may be NULL, in which case fcft_destroy() is a no-op.

Return Value


See Also

fcft_from_name(), fcft_clone(), fcft_size_adjust(), fcft_glyph_rasterize()

Referenced By

fcft_clone(3), fcft_from_name(3), fcft_glyph_rasterize(3), fcft_grapheme_rasterize(3), fcft_size_adjust(3).

2021-12-08 2.5.1 fcft