fcft_clone - Man Page

copy an already instantiated font


#include <fcft/fcft.h>

struct fcft_font *fcft_clone(const struct fcft_font *font);


fcft_clone() creates a new instance by copying font. fcft internally uses reference counting, making this operation very fast (much faster than explicitly instantiating a new font using fcft_from_name()).

To free all resources associated with the both the original font, and the cloned font, fcft_destroy() must be called for both the original font, and the clone.

Return Value

On success, fcft_clone() returns a pointer to a new fcft_font object. On error, NULL is returned.

See Also

fcft_from_name(), fcft_destroy()

Referenced By

fcft_destroy(3), fcft_from_name(3).

2024-01-24 3.1.7 fcft