fame_end_frame - Man Page

ends encoding of a frame


#include <fame.h>

void fame_end_frame(fame_context_t *context, fame_frame_statistics_t *stats);


fame_end_frame() ends the encoding of an uncompressed frame, after slices have been processed, and optionnaly return statistics on the encoding of this frame.

It should be called after slices have been processed by fame_encode_slice

context is the context handle previously returned by fame_open

stats is a pointer to frame encoding statistics. The statistics returned include frame number, coding mode (I,P or B) for the frame, expected bits, actual bits used, spatial activity, and quantizer scale. If this pointer is NULL, nothing is returned.

See Also

fame_open(3), fame_init(3), fame_close(3), fame_start_frame(3), fame_end_frame(3)

Referenced By

fame_encode_slice(3), fame_start_frame(3).

February 19th, 2002 libfame