fame_encode_slice - Man Page

encode a single slice


#include <fame.h>

int fame_encode_slice(fame_context_t *context);


fame_encode_slice() encodes a single slice (part of frame). Slices are processed from top to bottom of frame. The number of slices to process depends on the slices_per_frame parameter specified during fame_init

fame_start_frame should be called before coding the first slice and fame_end_frame should be called after coding the last slice.

context is the context handle previously returned by fame_open

Return Value

fame_encode_slice returns the number of bytes written to the bitstream buffer. If all slices have been coded, zero is returned.


    fame_start_frame(fc, &yuv, NULL);

    while((length = fame_encode_slice(fc)) != 0)
	write(output, buffer, length);

    fame_end_frame(fc, NULL);


MMX arithmetic performs bad at quality > 95%. Encoding of B frames is not yet supported.

See Also

fame_open(3), fame_init(3), fame_close(3), fame_start_frame(3), fame_end_frame(3)

Referenced By

fame_encode_frame(3), fame_start_frame(3).

Febrary 19, 2002 libfame