fCreate - Man Page

create a file lock.


#include <util/ulocks.h>
NEOERR *fCreate(int *plock, const char *file);


plock - place for lock.
file - path of file to use as lock.


Creates a file lock on named file <file>.  The lock is returned in <plock>.

MT-Level: Safe.

Return Value

plock - set to lock identifier.

See Also

mCreate(3), fCreate(3), mUnlock(3), fUnlock(3), cBroadcast(3), cSignal(3), fFind(3), cDestroy(3), cCreate(3), mDestroy(3), cWait(3), fLock(3), fDestroy(3), mLock

Referenced By

cBroadcast(3), cCreate(3), cDestroy(3), cSignal(3), cWait(3), fDestroy(3), fFind(3), fLock(3), fUnlock(3), mCreate(3), mDestroy(3), mLock(3), mUnlock(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver util/ulocks.h