exstream man page

exstream ā€” Playing audio streams. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h>

Example exstream


This program shows how to use the audio stream functions to transfer large blocks of sample data to the sound card. In this case, the sample data is generated during runtime, and the resulting sound reminds of a car engine when you are accelerating.

See Also

AUDIOSTREAM(3), END_OF_MAIN(3), SCREEN_H(3), SCREEN_W(3), allegro_error(3), allegro_init(3), allegro_message(3), clear_to_color(3), desktop_palette(3), font(3), free_audio_stream_buffer(3), get_audio_stream_buffer(3), install_keyboard(3), install_sound(3), install_timer(3), keypressed(3), makecol(3), play_audio_stream(3), readkey(3), screen(3), set_display_switch_mode(3), set_gfx_mode(3), set_palette(3), stop_audio_stream(3), textprintf_centre_ex(3), voice_start(3), voice_stop(3)

Referenced By

AUDIOSTREAM(3), free_audio_stream_buffer(3), get_audio_stream_buffer(3), install_sound(3), play_audio_stream(3), set_display_switch_mode(3), stop_audio_stream(3), voice_start(3), voice_stop(3).

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