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expackf - Man Page

Using custom PACKFILE vtables. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h>

Example expackf


This program demonstrates the use of the packfile functions, with some simple tests.

The first test uses the standard packfile functions to transfer a bitmap file into a block of memory, then reads the bitmap out of the block of memory, using a custom packfile vtable.

The second test reads in a bitmap with another custom packfile vtable, which uses libc's file stream functions.

The third test demonstrates seeking with a custom vtable.

The fourth test reads two bitmaps, and dumps them back into a single file, using a custom vtable again.


See Also

ASSERT(3), BITMAP(3), END_OF_MAIN(3), PACKFILE(3), PACKFILE_VTABLE(3), SCREEN_H(3), SCREEN_W(3), alert(3), allegro_error(3), allegro_init(3), allegro_message(3), blit(3), clear_bitmap(3), destroy_bitmap(3), file_size_ex(3), font(3), install_keyboard(3), key(3), load_bmp_pf(3), load_pcx(3), load_pcx_pf(3), load_tga_pf(3), pack_fclose(3), pack_fopen(3), pack_fopen_vtable(3), pack_fread(3), pack_fseek(3), readkey(3), save_bmp_pf(3), save_tga_pf(3), screen(3), set_color_depth(3), set_gfx_mode(3), text_height(3), textprintf_centre_ex(3), textprintf_ex(3)

Referenced By

alert(3), ASSERT(3), file_size_ex(3), load_bmp_pf(3), load_pcx(3), load_pcx_pf(3), load_tga_pf(3), pack_fclose(3), PACKFILE(3), PACKFILE_VTABLE(3), pack_fopen(3), pack_fopen_vtable(3), pack_fread(3), pack_fseek(3), save_bmp_pf(3), save_tga_pf(3), text_height(3).

version 4.4.3 Allegro manual