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Event Classes



class SoButtonEvent
The SoButtonEvent class is the base class for all button events.
class SoEvent
The SoEvent class is the base class for all Coin events.
class SoKeyboardEvent
The SoKeyboardEvent class contains information about keyboard interaction.
class SoLocation2Event
The SoLocation2Event class contains information about 2D movement events.
class SoMotion3Event
The SoMotion3Event class contains information about 3D movement events.
class SoMouseButtonEvent
The SoMouseButtonEvent class contains information about mousebutton interaction.
class SoSpaceballButtonEvent
The SoSpaceballButtonEvent class contains information about spaceball button interaction.

Detailed Description

These classes are te event types you can send to a scene graph through the SoHandleEventAction. They are a pretty direct mapping from the various system event types you will have on all the host architectures.


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The man page events.3coin2(3) is an alias of events.3coin3(3).

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