errno.3am - Man Page

gawk extension to convert errno values to strings and vice versa


@load "errno"

string = strerror(11)
string = errno2name(11)
integer = name2errno("EAGAIN")


This extension is useful for working with the gawk PROCINFO["errno"] value. The errno extension adds three functions named strerror(), errno2name(), and name2errno(), as follows:


This function takes an integer argument and returns the result from calling the strerror(3) C library function.  If the argument is not numeric, it will return an empty string.


This function takes an integer argument and returns the symbolic name for the associated errno value.  For example, the returned value might be "EACCES" or "EAGAIN".  An empty string is returned for an unrecognized argument.


This function takes a string argument and returns the integer value associated with that symbolic errno value.  For example, if the argument is "EAGAIN", the returned value might be 11.  For unrecognized arguments, a value of -1 is returned.


@load "errno"
printf "The numeric value of 'EAGAIN' is %d\n", name2errno("EAGAIN")
printf "The string value of 11 is %s\n", errno2name(11)
printf "The description of errno 11 is '%s'\n", strerror(11)

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Andrew Schorr

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