elpa_autotune_load_state - Man Page

loadsa state of an ELPA autotuning object


Fortran Interface

use elpa
class(elpa_t), pointer :: elpa class(elpa_autotune_t), pointer :: autotune

call elpa%autotune_load_state (autotune, filename, error)

With the definitions of the input and output variables:

class(elpa_t)          elpa         an instance of the ELPA object

class(elpa_autotune_t) autotune     an instance of the ELPA autotune object
character(*)           filename:   The filename to be used for loading the settings
integer, optional      error:      A error return code

C Interface

#include <elpa/elpa.h>
elpa_t handle; elpa_autotune_t autotune_handle;

void elpa_autotune_load_state(elpa_t handle, elpa_autotune_t autotune_handle, const char *filename, int *error):

With the definitions of the input and output variables:

elpa_t handle:                The handle to the ELPA object
elpa_autotune_t handle:       The handle to the ELPA autotune object
const char *filename:         the filename to load the settings

int *error:                   the error return code


Loads a previously stored state of an autotune object. With the loaded state the autotunig could be resumed

See Also


Referenced By

elpa_autotune_print_state(3), elpa_autotune_save_state(3).

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