egd_get_numch - Man Page

Get the number of channels sampled by type


#include <eegdev.h>

int egd_get_numch(const struct eegdev* dev, int stype);


egd_get_numch() returns the number of channels of type stype sampled by the recording device referenced by dev. stype must be one of the values returned by egd_sensor_type(3).

Return Value

In case of success, the function returns a non negative value corresponding to the number of channels of type stype (possibly 0 if the device does not sample this type of data). Otherwise, -1 is returned and errno is set accordingly.


egd_get_numch() will fail if:


dev is NULL or stype is not valid value.

See Also

egd_get_cap(3), egd_sensor_type(3)

Referenced By


2011 EPFL EEGDEV library manual