eXosip_stats - Man Page


#include <eX_setup.h>

Data Fields

int allocated_transactions
float average_transactions
int allocated_registrations
float average_registrations
int allocated_calls
float average_calls
int allocated_publications
float average_publications
int allocated_subscriptions
float average_subscriptions
int allocated_insubscriptions
float average_insubscriptions
int reserved1 [20]

Detailed Description

Structure used to retrieve eXosip internal statistics. Total numbers are provided since last start or restart of eXosip. Average values are calculated over the last EXOSIP_STATS_PERIOD which default to 3600 seconds.

Field Documentation

int eXosip_stats::allocated_transactions

current number of allocated transactions.

float eXosip_stats::average_transactions

average number of new transactions/hour. (default period: 1 hour)

int eXosip_stats::allocated_registrations

current number of allocated registrations. (should remains 1 in standard usage)

float eXosip_stats::average_registrations

average number of new registrations/hour. (default period: 1 hour)

int eXosip_stats::allocated_calls

current number of allocated calls.

float eXosip_stats::average_calls

average number of new calls/hour. (default period: 1 hour)

int eXosip_stats::allocated_publications

current number of allocated publications.

float eXosip_stats::average_publications

average number of new publication/hour. (default period: 1 hour)

int eXosip_stats::allocated_subscriptions

current number of allocated outgoing subscriptions.

float eXosip_stats::average_subscriptions

average number of new outgoing subscriptions/hour. (default period: 1 hour)

int eXosip_stats::allocated_insubscriptions

current number of allocated incoming subscriptions.

float eXosip_stats::average_insubscriptions

average number of new incoming subscriptions/hour. (default period: 1 hour)

int eXosip_stats::reserved1[20]

reserved for future usage without breaking ABI


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