eXosip_event - Man Page


#include <eXosip.h>

Data Fields

eXosip_event_type_t type
char textinfo [256]
void * external_reference
osip_message_t * request
osip_message_t * response
osip_message_t * ack
int tid
int did
int rid
int cid
int sid
int nid
int ss_status
int ss_reason

Detailed Description

Structure for event description

Field Documentation

eXosip_event_type_t eXosip_event::type

type of the event

char eXosip_event::textinfo[256]

text description of event

void* eXosip_event::external_reference

external reference (for calls)

osip_message_t* eXosip_event::request

request within current transaction

osip_message_t* eXosip_event::response

last response within current transaction

osip_message_t* eXosip_event::ack

ack within current transaction

int eXosip_event::tid

unique id for transactions (to be used for answers)

int eXosip_event::did

unique id for SIP dialogs

int eXosip_event::rid

unique id for registration

int eXosip_event::cid

unique id for SIP calls (but multiple dialogs!)

int eXosip_event::sid

unique id for outgoing subscriptions

int eXosip_event::nid

unique id for incoming subscriptions

int eXosip_event::ss_status

current Subscription-State for subscription

int eXosip_event::ss_reason

current Reason status for subscription


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