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eXosip2 REFER and blind tranfer Management outside of calls



int eXosip_refer_build_request (osip_message_t **refer, const char *refer_to, const char *from, const char *to, const char *route)
int eXosip_refer_send_request (osip_message_t *refer)

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int eXosip_refer_build_request (osip_message_t ** refer, const char * refer_to, const char * from, const char * to, const char * route)

Build a default REFER message for a blind transfer outside of any calls.


refer Pointer for the SIP element to hold.
refer_to SIP url for transfer.
from SIP url for caller.
to SIP url for callee.
route Route header for REFER. (optional)

int eXosip_refer_send_request (osip_message_t * refer)

Initiate a blind tranfer outside of any call.


refer SIP REFER message to send.


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