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eXosip.h — eXosip API  


#include <eXosip2/eX_setup.h>
#include <eXosip2/eX_register.h>
#include <eXosip2/eX_call.h>
#include <eXosip2/eX_options.h>
#include <eXosip2/eX_subscribe.h>
#include <eXosip2/eX_refer.h>
#include <eXosip2/eX_message.h>
#include <eXosip2/eX_publish.h>
#include <osipparser2/osip_parser.h>
#include <osipparser2/sdp_message.h>
#include <time.h>

Data Structures

struct eXosip_event
struct eXosip_tls_credentials_s
struct eXosip_tls_ctx_s


typedef struct eXosip_event eXosip_event_t



int eXosip_add_authentication_info (const char *username, const char *userid, const char *passwd, const char *ha1, const char *realm)
int eXosip_clear_authentication_info (void)
int eXosip_default_action (eXosip_event_t *je)
void eXosip_automatic_refresh (void)
void eXosip_automatic_action (void)
int eXosip_insubscription_automatic (eXosip_event_t *evt)
int eXosip_generate_random (char *buf, int buf_size)
sdp_message_t * eXosip_get_remote_sdp (int did)
sdp_message_t * eXosip_get_local_sdp (int did)
sdp_message_t * eXosip_get_previous_local_sdp (int did)
sdp_message_t * eXosip_get_remote_sdp_from_tid (int tid)
sdp_message_t * eXosip_get_local_sdp_from_tid (int tid)
sdp_message_t * eXosip_get_sdp_info (osip_message_t *message)
sdp_connection_t * eXosip_get_audio_connection (sdp_message_t *sdp)
sdp_media_t * eXosip_get_audio_media (sdp_message_t *sdp)
sdp_connection_t * eXosip_get_video_connection (sdp_message_t *sdp)
sdp_media_t * eXosip_get_video_media (sdp_message_t *sdp)
sdp_connection_t * eXosip_get_connection (sdp_message_t *sdp, const char *media)
sdp_media_t * eXosip_get_media (sdp_message_t *sdp, const char *media)
void eXosip_event_free (eXosip_event_t *je)
eXosip_event_t * eXosip_event_wait (int tv_s, int tv_ms)
eXosip_event_t * eXosip_event_get (void)
int eXosip_event_geteventsocket (void)
eXosip_tls_ctx_error eXosip_set_tls_ctx (eXosip_tls_ctx_t *ctx)
eXosip_tls_ctx_error eXosip_tls_use_server_certificate (const char *local_certificate_cn)
eXosip_tls_ctx_error eXosip_tls_use_client_certificate (const char *local_certificate_cn)
eXosip_tls_ctx_error eXosip_tls_verify_certificate (int _tls_verify_client_certificate)

Detailed Description

eXosip API

eXosip is a high layer library for rfc3261: the SIP protocol. It offers a simple API to make it easy to use. eXosip2 offers great flexibility for implementing SIP endpoint like:

If you need to implement proxy or complex SIP applications, you should consider using osip instead.

Here are the eXosip capabilities:

   REGISTER                 to handle registration.
   INVITE/BYE               to start/stop VoIP sessions.
   INFO                     to send DTMF within a VoIP sessions.
   OPTIONS                  to simulate VoIP sessions.
   re-INVITE                to modify VoIP sessions
   REFER/NOTIFY             to transfer calls.
   MESSAGE                  to send Instant Message.
   SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY         to handle presence capabilities.
   any other request        to handle what you want!

Typedef Documentation


Structure for event description.


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