dvb_ts_packet_header - Man Page

Header of a MPEG-TS transport packet.


#include <header.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t sync_byte
union {
  uint16_t bitfield
  struct {
     uint16_t pid:13
     uint16_t transport_priority:1
     uint16_t payload_unit_start_indicator:1
     uint16_t transport_error_indicator:1
uint8_t continuity_counter:4
uint8_t adaptation_field_control:2
uint8_t transport_scrambling_control:2
uint8_t adaptation_field_length
struct {
  uint8_t extension:1
  uint8_t private_data:1
  uint8_t splicing_point:1
  uint8_t OPCR:1
  uint8_t PCR:1
  uint8_t priority:1
  uint8_t random_access:1
  uint8_t discontinued:1

Detailed Description

Header of a MPEG-TS transport packet.


sync_byte sync byte
pid Program ID
transport_priority transport priority
payload_unit_start_indicator payload unit start indicator
transport_error_indicator transport error indicator
continuity_counter continuity counter
adaptation_field_control adaptation field control
transport_scrambling_control transport scrambling control
adaptation_field_length adaptation field length

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Definition at line 57 of file header.h.

Field Documentation

union  { ... }  dvb_ts_packet_header

struct  { ... }  dvb_ts_packet_header

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::adaptation_field_control

Definition at line 69 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::adaptation_field_length

Definition at line 73 of file header.h.

uint16_t dvb_ts_packet_header::bitfield

Definition at line 60 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::continuity_counter

Definition at line 68 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::discontinued

Definition at line 83 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::extension

Definition at line 76 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::OPCR

Definition at line 79 of file header.h.

uint16_t dvb_ts_packet_header::payload_unit_start_indicator

Definition at line 64 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::PCR

Definition at line 80 of file header.h.

uint16_t dvb_ts_packet_header::pid

Definition at line 62 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::priority

Definition at line 81 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::private_data

Definition at line 77 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::random_access

Definition at line 82 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::splicing_point

Definition at line 78 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::sync_byte

Definition at line 58 of file header.h.

uint16_t dvb_ts_packet_header::transport_error_indicator

Definition at line 65 of file header.h.

uint16_t dvb_ts_packet_header::transport_priority

Definition at line 63 of file header.h.

uint8_t dvb_ts_packet_header::transport_scrambling_control

Definition at line 70 of file header.h.


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