dvb_table_pmt - Man Page

MPEG-TS PMT table.


#include <pmt.h>

Data Fields

struct dvb_table_header header
union {
  uint16_t bitfield
  struct {
     uint16_t pcr_pid:13
     uint16_t reserved2:3
union {
  uint16_t bitfield2
  struct {
     uint16_t desc_length:10
     uint16_t zero3:2
     uint16_t reserved3:4
struct dvb_desc * descriptor
struct dvb_table_pmt_stream * stream

Detailed Description

MPEG-TS PMT table.


header struct dvb_table_header content
pcr_pid PCR PID
desc_length descriptor length
descriptor pointer to struct dvb_desc
stream pointer to struct dvb_table_pmt_stream

This structure is used to store the original PMT stream table, converting the integer fields to the CPU endianness.

The undocumented parameters are used only internally by the API and/or are fields that are reserved. They shouldn't be used, as they may change on future API releases.

Everything after dvb_table_pmt::descriptor (including it) won't be bit-mapped to the data parsed from the MPEG TS. So, metadata are added there.

Definition at line 208 of file pmt.h.

Field Documentation

union  { ... }  dvb_table_pmt

union  { ... }  dvb_table_pmt

uint16_t dvb_table_pmt::bitfield

Definition at line 211 of file pmt.h.

uint16_t dvb_table_pmt::bitfield2

Definition at line 219 of file pmt.h.

uint16_t dvb_table_pmt::desc_length

Definition at line 221 of file pmt.h.

struct dvb_desc* dvb_table_pmt::descriptor

Definition at line 226 of file pmt.h.

struct dvb_table_header dvb_table_pmt::header

Definition at line 209 of file pmt.h.

uint16_t dvb_table_pmt::pcr_pid

Definition at line 213 of file pmt.h.

uint16_t dvb_table_pmt::reserved2

Definition at line 214 of file pmt.h.

uint16_t dvb_table_pmt::reserved3

Definition at line 223 of file pmt.h.

struct dvb_table_pmt_stream* dvb_table_pmt::stream

Definition at line 227 of file pmt.h.

uint16_t dvb_table_pmt::zero3

Definition at line 222 of file pmt.h.


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