dvb_table_filter man page

dvb_table_filter — Describes the PES filters used by DVB scan.


#include <dvb-scan.h>

Data Fields

unsigned char tid

uint16_t pid

int ts_id

void ** table

int allow_section_gaps

void * priv

Detailed Description

Describes the PES filters used by DVB scan.


tid Table ID
pid Program ID
ts_id Table section ID (for multisession filtering). If no specific table section is needed, -1 should be used
table pointer to a pointer for the table struct to be filled
allow_section_gaps Allow non-continuous section numbering
priv Internal structure used inside the DVB core. shouldn't be touched externally.

Definition at line 107 of file dvb-scan.h.

Field Documentation

int dvb_table_filter::allow_section_gaps

Definition at line 114 of file dvb-scan.h.

uint16_t dvb_table_filter::pid

Definition at line 110 of file dvb-scan.h.

void* dvb_table_filter::priv

Definition at line 121 of file dvb-scan.h.

void** dvb_table_filter::table

Definition at line 112 of file dvb-scan.h.

unsigned char dvb_table_filter::tid

Definition at line 109 of file dvb-scan.h.

int dvb_table_filter::ts_id

Definition at line 111 of file dvb-scan.h.


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