dvb_parse_table - Man Page

Describes the fields to parse on a file.


#include <dvb-file.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int prop
const char ** table
unsigned int size
int mult_factor
int has_default_value
int default_value

Detailed Description

Describes the fields to parse on a file.


prop Name of the DVBv5 or libdvbv5 property field
table Name of a translation table for string to int conversion
size Size of the translation table
mult_factor Multiply factor - Used, for example, to multiply the symbol rate read from a DVB-S table by 1000.
has_default_value It is different than zero when the property can be optional. In this case, the next field should be present
default_value Default value for the optional field

Definition at line 165 of file dvb-file.h.

Field Documentation

int dvb_parse_table::default_value

Definition at line 171 of file dvb-file.h.

int dvb_parse_table::has_default_value

Definition at line 170 of file dvb-file.h.

int dvb_parse_table::mult_factor

Definition at line 169 of file dvb-file.h.

unsigned int dvb_parse_table::prop

Definition at line 166 of file dvb-file.h.

unsigned int dvb_parse_table::size

Definition at line 168 of file dvb-file.h.

const char** dvb_parse_table::table

Definition at line 167 of file dvb-file.h.


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