dvb_parse_file man page

dvb_parse_file — Describes an entire file format.


#include <dvb-file.h>

Data Fields

int has_delsys_id

char * delimiter

struct dvb_parse_struct formats []

Detailed Description

Describes an entire file format.


has_delsys_id A non-zero value indicates that the id field at the formats vector should be used
delimiter Delimiters to split entries on the format
formats A struct dvb_parse_struct vector with the per delivery system parsers. This table should terminate with an empty entry.

Definition at line 197 of file dvb-file.h.

Field Documentation

char* dvb_parse_file::delimiter

Definition at line 199 of file dvb-file.h.

struct dvb_parse_struct dvb_parse_file::formats[]

Definition at line 200 of file dvb-file.h.

int dvb_parse_file::has_delsys_id

Definition at line 198 of file dvb-file.h.


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