dvb_file - Man Page

Describes an entire DVB file opened.


#include <dvb-file.h>

Data Fields

char * fname
int n_entries
struct dvb_entry * first_entry

Detailed Description

Describes an entire DVB file opened.


fname name of the file
n_entries number of the entries read
first_entry entry for the first entry. NULL if the file is empty.

Definition at line 135 of file dvb-file.h.

Field Documentation

struct dvb_entry* dvb_file::first_entry

Definition at line 138 of file dvb-file.h.

Referenced by dvb_file_free().

char* dvb_file::fname

Definition at line 136 of file dvb-file.h.

int dvb_file::n_entries

Definition at line 137 of file dvb-file.h.


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