dvb_device - Man Page

Digital TV list of devices.


#include <dvb-dev.h>

Data Fields

struct dvb_dev_list * devices
int num_devices
struct dvb_v5_fe_parms * fe_parms

Detailed Description

Digital TV list of devices.


devices Array with a dvb_dev_list of devices. Each device node is a different entry at the list.
num_devices number of elements at the devices array.

Definition at line 140 of file dvb-dev.h.

Field Documentation

struct dvb_dev_list* dvb_device::devices

Definition at line 142 of file dvb-dev.h.

struct dvb_v5_fe_parms* dvb_device::fe_parms

Definition at line 146 of file dvb-dev.h.

int dvb_device::num_devices

Definition at line 143 of file dvb-dev.h.


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