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dvb_dev_list - Man Page

Digital TV device node properties.


#include <dvb-dev.h>

Data Fields

char * syspath
char * path
char * sysname
enum dvb_dev_type dvb_type
char * bus_addr
char * bus_id
char * manufacturer
char * product
char * serial

Detailed Description

Digital TV device node properties.


path path for the /dev file handler
sysname Kernel's system name for the device (dvb?.frontend?, for example)
dvb_type type of the DVB device, as defined by enum dvb_dev_type
bus_addr address of the device at the bus. For USB devices, it will be like: usb:3-1.1.4; for PCI devices: pci:0000:01:00.0)
bus_id Id of the device at the bus (optional, PCI ID or USB ID)
manufacturer Device's manufacturer name (optional, only on USB)
product Device's product name (optional, only on USB)
serial Device's serial name (optional, only on USB)

Definition at line 86 of file dvb-dev.h.

Field Documentation

char* dvb_dev_list::bus_addr

Definition at line 91 of file dvb-dev.h.

char* dvb_dev_list::bus_id

Definition at line 92 of file dvb-dev.h.

enum dvb_dev_type dvb_dev_list::dvb_type

Definition at line 90 of file dvb-dev.h.

char* dvb_dev_list::manufacturer

Definition at line 93 of file dvb-dev.h.

char* dvb_dev_list::path

Definition at line 88 of file dvb-dev.h.

char* dvb_dev_list::product

Definition at line 94 of file dvb-dev.h.

char* dvb_dev_list::serial

Definition at line 95 of file dvb-dev.h.

char* dvb_dev_list::sysname

Definition at line 89 of file dvb-dev.h.

char* dvb_dev_list::syspath

Definition at line 87 of file dvb-dev.h.


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