dvb_descriptor - Man Page

Contains the parser information for the MPEG-TS parser code.


#include <descriptors.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
dvb_desc_init_func init
dvb_desc_print_func print
dvb_desc_free_func free
ssize_t size

Detailed Description

Contains the parser information for the MPEG-TS parser code.


name String containing the name of the descriptor
init Pointer to a function to initialize the descriptor parser. This function fills the descriptor-specific internal structures
print Prints the content of the descriptor
free Frees all memory blocks allocated by the init function
size Descriptor's size, in bytes.

Definition at line 249 of file descriptors.h.

Field Documentation

dvb_desc_free_func dvb_descriptor::free

Definition at line 253 of file descriptors.h.

dvb_desc_init_func dvb_descriptor::init

Definition at line 251 of file descriptors.h.

const char* dvb_descriptor::name

Definition at line 250 of file descriptors.h.

dvb_desc_print_func dvb_descriptor::print

Definition at line 252 of file descriptors.h.

ssize_t dvb_descriptor::size

Definition at line 254 of file descriptors.h.


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