dvb_desc_ts_info - Man Page

Structure describing the ISDB TS information descriptor.


#include <desc_ts_info.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t type
uint8_t length
struct dvb_desc * next
char * ts_name
char * ts_name_emph
struct dvb_desc_ts_info_transmission_type transmission_type
uint16_t * service_id
union {
  uint16_t bitfield
  struct {
     uint8_t transmission_type_count:2
     uint8_t length_of_ts_name:6
     uint8_t remote_control_key_id:8

Detailed Description

Structure describing the ISDB TS information descriptor.


type descriptor tag
length descriptor length
next pointer to struct dvb_desc
remote_control_key_id remote control key id
length_of_ts_name length of ts name
transmission_type_count transmission type count
ts_name ts name string
ts_name_emph ts name emphasis string
transmission_type struct dvb_desc_ts_info_transmission_type content
service_id service id vector

Definition at line 76 of file desc_ts_info.h.

Field Documentation

union  { ... }  dvb_desc_ts_info::@171

uint16_t dvb_desc_ts_info::bitfield

Definition at line 86 of file desc_ts_info.h.

uint8_t dvb_desc_ts_info::length

Definition at line 78 of file desc_ts_info.h.

uint8_t dvb_desc_ts_info::length_of_ts_name

Definition at line 89 of file desc_ts_info.h.

struct dvb_desc* dvb_desc_ts_info::next

Definition at line 79 of file desc_ts_info.h.

uint8_t dvb_desc_ts_info::remote_control_key_id

Definition at line 90 of file desc_ts_info.h.

uint16_t* dvb_desc_ts_info::service_id

Definition at line 83 of file desc_ts_info.h.

struct dvb_desc_ts_info_transmission_type dvb_desc_ts_info::transmission_type

Definition at line 82 of file desc_ts_info.h.

uint8_t dvb_desc_ts_info::transmission_type_count

Definition at line 88 of file desc_ts_info.h.

char* dvb_desc_ts_info::ts_name

Definition at line 81 of file desc_ts_info.h.

char * dvb_desc_ts_info::ts_name_emph

Definition at line 81 of file desc_ts_info.h.

uint8_t dvb_desc_ts_info::type

Definition at line 77 of file desc_ts_info.h.


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