dvb_desc_t2_delivery - Man Page

Structure containing the T2 delivery system descriptor.


#include <desc_t2_delivery.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t plp_id
uint16_t system_id
union {
  uint16_t bitfield
  struct {
     uint16_t tfs_flag:1
     uint16_t other_frequency_flag:1
     uint16_t transmission_mode:3
     uint16_t guard_interval:3
     uint16_t reserved:2
     uint16_t bandwidth:4
     uint16_t SISO_MISO:2
uint32_t * centre_frequency
uint8_t frequency_loop_length
uint8_t subcel_info_loop_length
struct dvb_desc_t2_delivery_subcell_old * subcell
unsigned int num_cell
struct dvb_desc_t2_delivery_cell * cell

Detailed Description

Structure containing the T2 delivery system descriptor.


plp_id data PLP id
system_id T2 system id
bandwidth bandwidth
guard_interval guard interval
transmission_mode transmission mode
other_frequency_flag other frequency flag
tfs_flag tfs flag
centre_frequency centre frequency vector. It contains the full frequencies for all cells and subcells.
frequency_loop_length size of the dvb_desc_t2_delivery::centre_frequency vector
subcel_info_loop_length unused. Always 0
subcell unused. Always NULL
num_cell number of cells
cell cell array. Contains per-cell and per-subcell pointers to the frequencies parsed.

Definition at line 119 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

Field Documentation

union  { ... }  dvb_desc_t2_delivery

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::bandwidth

Definition at line 132 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::bitfield

Definition at line 125 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

struct dvb_desc_t2_delivery_cell* dvb_desc_t2_delivery::cell

Definition at line 146 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint32_t* dvb_desc_t2_delivery::centre_frequency

Definition at line 137 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint8_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::frequency_loop_length

Definition at line 138 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::guard_interval

Definition at line 130 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

unsigned int dvb_desc_t2_delivery::num_cell

Definition at line 145 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::other_frequency_flag

Definition at line 128 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint8_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::plp_id

Definition at line 122 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::reserved

Definition at line 131 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::SISO_MISO

Definition at line 133 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint8_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::subcel_info_loop_length

Definition at line 141 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

struct dvb_desc_t2_delivery_subcell_old* dvb_desc_t2_delivery::subcell

Definition at line 142 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::system_id

Definition at line 123 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::tfs_flag

Definition at line 127 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.

uint16_t dvb_desc_t2_delivery::transmission_mode

Definition at line 129 of file desc_t2_delivery.h.


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