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subroutine dtrmv (UPLO, TRANS, DIAG, N, A, LDA, X, INCX)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine dtrmv (characterUPLO, characterTRANS, characterDIAG, integerN, double precision, dimension(lda,*)A, integerLDA, double precision, dimension(*)X, integerINCX)

DTRMV Purpose:

 DTRMV  performs one of the matrix-vector operations

    x := A*x,   or   x := A**T*x,

 where x is an n element vector and  A is an n by n unit, or non-unit,
 upper or lower triangular matrix.


          UPLO is CHARACTER*1
           On entry, UPLO specifies whether the matrix is an upper or
           lower triangular matrix as follows:

              UPLO = 'U' or 'u'   A is an upper triangular matrix.

              UPLO = 'L' or 'l'   A is a lower triangular matrix.


          TRANS is CHARACTER*1
           On entry, TRANS specifies the operation to be performed as

              TRANS = 'N' or 'n'   x := A*x.

              TRANS = 'T' or 't'   x := A**T*x.

              TRANS = 'C' or 'c'   x := A**T*x.


          DIAG is CHARACTER*1
           On entry, DIAG specifies whether or not A is unit
           triangular as follows:

              DIAG = 'U' or 'u'   A is assumed to be unit triangular.

              DIAG = 'N' or 'n'   A is not assumed to be unit


          N is INTEGER
           On entry, N specifies the order of the matrix A.
           N must be at least zero.


          A is DOUBLE PRECISION array of DIMENSION ( LDA, n ).
           Before entry with  UPLO = 'U' or 'u', the leading n by n
           upper triangular part of the array A must contain the upper
           triangular matrix and the strictly lower triangular part of
           A is not referenced.
           Before entry with UPLO = 'L' or 'l', the leading n by n
           lower triangular part of the array A must contain the lower
           triangular matrix and the strictly upper triangular part of
           A is not referenced.
           Note that when  DIAG = 'U' or 'u', the diagonal elements of
           A are not referenced either, but are assumed to be unity.


          LDA is INTEGER
           On entry, LDA specifies the first dimension of A as declared
           in the calling (sub) program. LDA must be at least
           max( 1, n ).


          X is DOUBLE PRECISION array of dimension at least
           ( 1 + ( n - 1 )*abs( INCX ) ).
           Before entry, the incremented array X must contain the n
           element vector x. On exit, X is overwritten with the
           tranformed vector x.


          INCX is INTEGER
           On entry, INCX specifies the increment for the elements of
           X. INCX must not be zero.

Univ. of Tennessee

Univ. of California Berkeley

Univ. of Colorado Denver

NAG Ltd.


November 2011

Further Details:

  Level 2 Blas routine.
  The vector and matrix arguments are not referenced when N = 0, or M = 0

  -- Written on 22-October-1986.
     Jack Dongarra, Argonne National Lab.
     Jeremy Du Croz, Nag Central Office.
     Sven Hammarling, Nag Central Office.
     Richard Hanson, Sandia National Labs.

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