dtk_setcolor_shape man page

dtk_setcolor_shape ā€” Set the color of a shape


#include <drawtk.h>

void dtk_setcolor_shape(const dtk_hshape shp, const float* color, unsigned int mask);


dtk_setcolor_shape() set the color color of a shape identified by the pointer shp. color should point to a 4 float array containing a normalized RGBA value (i.e. each component is between 0.0 and 1.0). If shp is a composite shape, color is applied to all the shapes in the list. Notice that color is applied uniformly to the whole shape. Bits in mask correspond to the color channels that will NOT be set.

If mask is equal to 0 all the RGBA color channels will be set. Predefined values of mask:


DTK_IGNR: ignore red color channel


DTK_IGNG: ignore green color channel


DTK_IGNB: ignore blue color channel


DTK_IGNA: ignore alpha channel


DTK_IGNRGB: ignore red, green and blue color channels

Return Value


See Also

dtk_create_shape(3), dtk_create_composite_shape(3)


2012 EPFL Draw Toolkit manual