dtk_gettime - Man Page

high resolution timestamp


#include <dtk_time.h>

void dtk_gettime(struct dtk_timespec* ts);


The function dtk_gettime() retrieves the time of a high precision clock. The time is returned in the ts argument which is a pointer to a dtk_timespec structure defined as:

struct dtk_timespec {
    long sec;    /* seconds */
    long nsec;   /* nanoseconds */

The time represents seconds and nanoseconds since the Epoch, 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000  (UTC).

Return Value



This function is wrapper to clock_gettime(2) if it is provided by the system. Otherwise, it implements the function by using the timer with the highest precision available on the system.

See Also

dtk_nanosleep(3), clock_gettime(2)

Referenced By

dtk_addtime(3), dtk_difftime_s(3).

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