dtk_draw_shape man page

dtk_draw_shape ā€” Draw a shape in the window


#include <drawtk.h>

void dtk_draw_shape(const dtk_hshape shp);


dtk_draw_shape() draw the shape referenced by shp in the current window. The position of the drawing depends on the rotation and translation previously set by dtk_*move_shape() and dtk_*rotate_shape() (the rotation is first applied to the shape and then the translation).

This function assumes there is a valid OpenGL rendering context in the calling thread. So a successfull call to dtk_make_current_window() should have been performed previously in the current thread.

Return Value


See Also

dtk_move_shape(3), dtk_make_current_window(3)

Referenced By

dtk_create_composite_shape(3), dtk_make_current_window(3), dtk_move_shape(3).

2010 EPFL Draw Toolkit manual