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subroutine dtbtrs (UPLO, TRANS, DIAG, N, KD, NRHS, AB, LDAB, B, LDB, INFO)

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subroutine dtbtrs (character UPLO, character TRANS, character DIAG, integer N, integer KD, integer NRHS, double precision, dimension( ldab, * ) AB, integer LDAB, double precision, dimension( ldb, * ) B, integer LDB, integer INFO)



 DTBTRS solves a triangular system of the form

    A * X = B  or  A**T * X = B,

 where A is a triangular band matrix of order N, and B is an
 N-by NRHS matrix.  A check is made to verify that A is nonsingular.


          UPLO is CHARACTER*1
          = 'U':  A is upper triangular;
          = 'L':  A is lower triangular.


          TRANS is CHARACTER*1
          Specifies the form the system of equations:
          = 'N':  A * X = B  (No transpose)
          = 'T':  A**T * X = B  (Transpose)
          = 'C':  A**H * X = B  (Conjugate transpose = Transpose)


          DIAG is CHARACTER*1
          = 'N':  A is non-unit triangular;
          = 'U':  A is unit triangular.


          N is INTEGER
          The order of the matrix A.  N >= 0.


          KD is INTEGER
          The number of superdiagonals or subdiagonals of the
          triangular band matrix A.  KD >= 0.


          NRHS is INTEGER
          The number of right hand sides, i.e., the number of columns
          of the matrix B.  NRHS >= 0.


          AB is DOUBLE PRECISION array, dimension (LDAB,N)
          The upper or lower triangular band matrix A, stored in the
          first kd+1 rows of AB.  The j-th column of A is stored
          in the j-th column of the array AB as follows:
          if UPLO = 'U', AB(kd+1+i-j,j) = A(i,j) for max(1,j-kd)<=i<=j;
          if UPLO = 'L', AB(1+i-j,j)    = A(i,j) for j<=i<=min(n,j+kd).
          If DIAG = 'U', the diagonal elements of A are not referenced
          and are assumed to be 1.


          LDAB is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array AB.  LDAB >= KD+1.


          B is DOUBLE PRECISION array, dimension (LDB,NRHS)
          On entry, the right hand side matrix B.
          On exit, if INFO = 0, the solution matrix X.


          LDB is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array B.  LDB >= max(1,N).


          INFO is INTEGER
          = 0:  successful exit
          < 0:  if INFO = -i, the i-th argument had an illegal value
          > 0:  if INFO = i, the i-th diagonal element of A is zero,
                indicating that the matrix is singular and the
                solutions X have not been computed.

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December 2016

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