drmaa_session_s - Man Page

DRMAA session data.


#include <drmaa_impl.h>

Data Fields

int pbs_conn
PBS connection (or -1).
char * contact
Contact to PBS server -- `host[:port]'.
drmaa_job_template_t * jt_list
Cyclic list (with sentinel) of job templates created in this DRMAA session.
drmaa_job_t ** job_hashtab
Hash table of jobs which have to be remembered in DRMAA session (was submitted in this session and its status was not removed).
int next_time_label
Will be assigned to next submitted job.
pthread_mutex_t conn_mutex
Mutex for PBS connection.
pthread_mutex_t jobs_mutex
Mutex for jt_list, #job_list and next_time_label.

Detailed Description

DRMAA session data.


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