drmaa_misc man page

drmaa_strerror, drmaa_get_contact, drmaa_version, drmaa_get_DRM_system — Miscellaneous DRMAA functions.


#include "drmaa.h"

const char *drmaa_strerror(int drmaa_errno


int drmaa_get_contact(char *contact,
size_t contact_len,
char *error_diagnosis,
size_t error_diag_len


int drmaa_version(unsigned int *major,
unsigned int *minor,
char *error_diagnosis,
size_t error_diag_len


int drmaa_get_DRM_system(char *drm_system,
size_t drm_system_len,
char *error_diagnosis,
size_t error_diag_len


int drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation(char *drm_impl,
size_t drm_impl_len,
char *error_diagnosis,
size_t error_diag_len



The drmaa_strerror() function returns a message text associated with the DRMAA error number, drmaa_errno. For invalid DRMAA error codes `NULL' is returned.


The drmaa_get_contact() returns an opaque string containing contact  information related to the current DRMAA session to be used with the drmaa_init(3) function. The opaque string contains the information required by drmaa_init() to reconnect to the current session instead of creating a new session. drmaa_init(3) function.

The drmaa_get_contact() function returns the same value before and after drmaa_init(3) is called.


The drmaa_version() function returns into the integers pointed to by major  and minor, the major and minor version numbers of the DRMAA library. For a DRMAA 1.0 compliant  implementation `1' and `0' will be returned in major and minor, respectively.


The drmaa_get_DRM_system() function returns into drm_system up to  drm_system_len characters of a string containing Sun Grid Engine product and  version information.

The drmaa_get_DRM_system() function returns the same value before and after drmaa_init(3) is called.


The drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() function returns into drm_system up to  drm_system_len characters of a string containing the Sun Grid Engine DRMAA implementation version information.  In the current implementation, the drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() function returns the same result as the drmaa_get_DRM_system() function.

The drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() function returns the same value before and after drmaa_init(3) is called.

Environmental Variables


Specifies the location of the Sun Grid Engine standard configuration files.


If set, specifies the default Sun Grid Engine cell to be used. To address a Sun Grid Engine cell Sun Grid Engine uses (in the order of precedence):

The name of the cell specified in the environment variable SGE_CELL, if it is set.

The name of the default cell, i.e. default.


If set, specifies that debug information should be written to stderr. In addition the level of detail in which debug information is generated is defined.


If set, specifies the tcp port on which sge_qmaster(8) is expected to listen for communication requests. Most installations will use a services map entry instead to define that port.

Return Values

Upon successful completion, drmaa_get_contact(), drmaa_version(), and drmaa_get_DRM_system() return DRMAA_ERRNO_SUCCESS. Other values indicate an error. Up to error_diag_len characters of error related diagnosis  information is then provided in the buffer error_diagnosis.


The drmaa_get_contact(), drmaa_version(), drmaa_get_DRM_system(), and drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation() will fail if:


Unexpected or internal DRMAA error, like system call failure, etc.


Could not contact DRM system for this request.


The specified request is not processed successfully due to authorization failure.


The input value for an argument is invalid.


Failed allocating memory.

The drmaa_get_contact() and drmaa_get_DRM_system() will fail if:


Failed because there is no active session.

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drmaa_get_contact(3), drmaa_get_DRMAA_implementation(3), drmaa_get_DRM_system(3), drmaa_strerror(3) and drmaa_version(3) are aliases of drmaa_misc(3).

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