drmaa_job_template_s - Man Page

Job template data.


#include <drmaa_impl.h>

Data Fields

drmaa_session_t * session
DRMAA session in which job template was created.
drmaa_job_template_t * prev
Previous job template in list.
drmaa_job_template_t * next
Next job template in list.
void ** attrib
Table of DRMAA attributes.
pthread_mutex_t mutex
Mutex for accessing job attributes.

Detailed Description

Job template data.

Field Documentation

void** drmaa_job_template_s::attrib

Table of DRMAA attributes. It is filled with N_DRMAA_ATTRIBS values which are either NULL (attribute not set) or string (scalar attribute) or NULL terminated array of strings (vector attribute).


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