drmHandleEvent man page

drmHandleEvent — read and process pending DRM events


#include <xf86drm.h>

int drmHandleEvent(int fd, drmEventContextPtr evctx);


drmHandleEvent processes outstanding DRM events on the DRM file-descriptor passed as fd. This function should be called after the DRM file-descriptor has polled readable; it will read the events and use the passed-in evctx structure to call function pointers with the parameters noted below:

typedef struct _drmEventContext {
    int version;
    void (*vblank_handler) (int fd,
                            unsigned int sequence,
                            unsigned int tv_sec,
                            unsigned int tv_usec,
                            void *user_data)
    void (*page_flip_handler) (int fd,
                               unsigned int sequence,
                               unsigned int tv_sec,
                               unsigned int tv_usec,
                               void *user_data)
} drmEventContext, *drmEventContextPtr;

Return Value

drmHandleEvent returns 0 on success, or if there is no data to read from the file-descriptor. Returns -1 if the read on the file-descriptor fails or returns less than a full event record.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs in this function should be reported to https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=DRI&component=libdrm under the "DRI" product, component "libdrm"

See Also

drm(7), drm-kms(7), drmModePageFlip(3), drmWaitVBlank(3)


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